Monday, June 30, 2008

New York City's The Ink Pad

This New York City gem is just a hop skip and a subway away from most parts of Manhattan. The Ink Pad is located conveniently in the heart of Greenwich Village. It is lined floor to ceiling with wonderful stamps of all shapes, sizes and brands. The shop is organized by theme, not my favorite as I prefer stores organized by brand. But, that is just my personal preference and was made up by the sheer number and quality of stamps in this shop. From A Muse to Ruth's Jewish Stamps it was clear that variety meant a great deal to this store.

Their class schedule also seemed up to date with classes such as 'Inchies-Find out what the talk's all about'. I was also impressed with the service, the man (yep, man) behind the counter seemed knowledgeable and asked me how I was doing numerous times.

The prices were decent. I believe the mark up was between 5-15% (over retail), which I thought was quite fair considering the fact that it is housed in NYC (where my Dunkin Donuts Coffee cost 3.47 as opposed to 2.34).

All and all I would rate this store 4.5/5, the only negatives being price and organization. This is certainly a must see store to any New York visitor.

For more information please visit: The Ink Pad.


Kari said...

Sounds like a really fun place!! Thanks for sharing!

Richelle said...

Thanks for the review! I love exploring new stamp shop finds.

Patsy Bocook said...

You are a very awesome and talented young lady. Your parents must be so proud of you. I love all your creations!
Patsy Bocook
Columbus Ohio

Lorraine said...

thanks for the info on this shop. I am about 30 minutes north of NYC. This is definitely a stop for me. sounds wonderful!
can you tell me what street it's on? i'm dragging my sil with me! lol

Pat said...

It is located at 22 eighth ave between west 12th and jane st. I found the organization of the shop friendly to new stampers. It is organized by theme rather than company.

Antonia U.C. said...

I am going to New York in a few more weeks, I cannot wait to see it! When did you go?

Antonia U.C. said...

Hey, btw, the magazine "scrapbook" offers discount on this store! 15% off, so now the price is not a minus! The coupon is open to anybody, anybody can use it!

Antonia U.C. said...

Btw, can you buy copics here? I am a newfound scrapper, and have no copics, since I do not know where to find them!