Sunday, June 8, 2008

Graduation Season

It is offically Graduation Season. That lovely time of year when you get to spend your hard earned weekend afternoons in people's hot humid backyards eating food that has been out for G-d knows how long and that always tastes burnt, fishy or melted and you 'get' to discuss your summer plans, your future, why you made this decision, why you didn't make another, where you are at school, what your major is, how many hours your potential work day may be, what the 'interviewer'/parent's friend's personal experience is with your job/internship/summer plan of choice is, what their child/angel/overachiever/perfect-specimen is doing, why your not doing that exact thing/ where you plan to go to law school/dental school/medical school and why you aren't picking their alma matter, how wonderful your ambitions are BUT to remember not to 'rush it' and basically any other unassuming question that stresses any teenager-young adult whom does not have the rest of their life meticoulosy planned. But then again, there is always the chance that someone will fall in the pool on the way to the buffet table, so it's totally worth it.

One of my favorite things about this season (besides the chance of seeing Uncle ___ fall in the pool) is making school specific cards. ESPECIALLY when the grad is going to the University of FLORIDA!! I love to use my 'Go Gators' stamp and the very floridaTASTIC color combo of Orange and Blue. This card was just so much fun to make!

I'm off for more LSAT. Thanks for the well wishes, I was happy with my score from yesterday :)

Go Gators
Stamps: Graduation House Mouse by Stampendous, Go Gators by Kankorkards, Circle of Friendship by Stampin Up
Paper: Only Orange by Stampin Up, Bazzil Cardstock, Georgia Pacific Cardstock from Wal-mart
Ink: VersaColor Pigment (Black), Brilliant Blue by Stampin Up
Punches: 1inch circle by Ek Success
Coloring Supplies: Tombow


Angie C said...

Oh Ely, what a cute card - that mouse is sooo adoreable

cris a said...

I love your take on graduation parties!

Homeschooling in NM said...

You have enabled me. Copic markers are on sale at Hobby Lobby 30% off this week so I just bought 20. I hope I can learn to be half as good at these as you are.