Monday, March 31, 2008

Thank You

Yesterday I went to my sorority's philanthropy, then publix, then to library for hours. I have a new paper to write about The Legal Infrastructure of Sierra Leone and it's Impact on Women, focusing on the post-civil war era (post-2001). Whatdaya think? lol. It has to be 15 pages and it's due next week. So I guess I am off to the library after the gym for another delightful day of writing (get me ready for law school, I guess).

I love spring! Especially Gainesville's spring! The temperature is great, the flowers are great, everything is great. So in honor of this season (which we don't really get in Miami as we only get diferent seasons of warmness: Hot, Very Hot, Smoldering, Hot) I decided to post this card made with the Spring Solitude Bundle from Stampin up!

I had a hard time picking my hostess set from Stamp Club this month because truthfully none of them were really my taste. So I finally decided to go for Spring Solitude because it had the wheel and was very different, in its simplicity, then most of the stamp sets I own.

I had a lot of fun with this card. I used Tempting Turquoise and Cameo Coral with a touch of Old Olive, all stamped on Whisper White. I have no idea how I ended up with this color combo, but I really like it! I also wanted to add my little tip, whenever using wheels or solid images, I always stamp on Whisper White from SU! It just absorbs the ink so well.

I punched out the large circle with my Giga Marvy Uchida Circle Punch. I haven't taken the nestabilities plunge just yet! I punched out the sentiment with my SU Word Window Punch.

I used my smooshing ink pad technique to watercolor the card, *the tutorial can be found under Video Tutorials* The inside of the card was sponged with Tempting Turquoise and Cameo Coral.

ETA (6:25pm): I just got my Twinkling H20s! They are so fun! Please check back tomorrow for a video tutorial on their qualities :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Memories Expo and Tips for Expo go-ers!

Memories Expo was so awesome! They didn't have quite as many booths as we remembered from last year, but I still managed to buy quite a few items. To the left is a picture of the four of us after 7 hours at the expo! Peggy, Mary, Lynette and I had a great time getting all our goodies. I also say two of the women from my dorm at CKU. It was so awesome to see them and Kim even gave me two free tickets in!

I was pretty good and didn't buy that many things. But I did manage to get some. I got 2 packs of large Karen Foster Snap Sets in Formal and Casual, for 2$ each! I also got some dry embossing dies since they had the hebrew alphabet and a cool nixonisque peace sign. I got a paper piercing template from Lasting Impressions.

I got some fun stamps from Rubber Stamp Tapestry, which if you have never checked out are VERY cool, they make little flower scenes and wreaths. They are a little out of my comfort zone, which should be nice. If you haven't checked them out don't worry there will be plenty of cards on this blog in the next couple of weeks with them.

I also got a darling set from Close To My Heart called "Butterfly Wishes" it has the best poem in it. I got a few other minor miscellaneous things, such as ribbon.

All and all I think I did VERY well.

I also wanted to give people a few tips for going to expos:

1. Bring cash. Many booths will not accept your credit card for purchases under $15 dollars.
2. In my experience, it is best to go either on the first day when they open or the last day when they are 1-2 hours from closing. This is because the best deals either fly on the first day or get marked down to even better deals at the end of the show because the dealers don't want to take the items home with them.
3. Go with friends. It's more fun and a lot less expensive because you don't have to pay as much for parking and gas.
4. Expect bad food for lunch or bring your own. The food at these events is always terrible and terribly expensive (my diet coke was 3.25!). It is important to bring snacks because you may be in line when you get hungry (yes, some booths have lines!).
5. Bring advil. Your back will hurt, your feet will hurt, but your wallet might hurt the most (lol).
6. Try to go in with a budget in mind in order to not get caught up in the craziness of the show.
7. Just because everyone is buying it does not mean you want it.
8. 1$ sale items add up.
9. Be careful not to buy heavy things at the beginning.
10. Have a wonderful time and take great pictures!!


Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy Friday!

You are going to love this tutorial!

In it, I am coloring a gorgeous Happy Hopper from House Mouse. I love House Mouse designs, because their detail is just so amazing. The shadowing makes anyone's coloring look fantastic!

This tutorial is designed to show you how to layer lots colors to make a gorgeous effect.

Tomorrow I am off to the Scrapbook Expo in Orlando with my demo and another women from stamp club. I am so psyched! I went last year and loved it so I am very excited to go back! I'll take some pictures and show you all the goodies that I will have purchased!!!

Hope you enjoy the tutorial :)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Favorite Class Tote

I have gone through 4 class totes. That's 100 dollars worth! That's crazy!

I don't want you to do what I did. That's why I am recommending this tote. It is from All My Memories and can be found by a quick Google search. It has SO many organizing possibilities. I keep my basic ink pads at the bottom for classes, then load the top with my trimmer and ATG, everything else just goes. I can fit SO much stuff in this bag and it has a ton of compartments. It even has a convenient cell phone holder!

When I went to CKU(Creating Keepsakes University) last year I had all the scrap celebs sign it!

It is easy to grab in order for me to go to class while still being easily accessible at my crop area.

I LOVVVVVVVVVVE this tote :) What do you think?

Tomorrow=Copic video tutorial on coloring fur (as in a stamped rabbit's fur lol)!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I wanted to, quickly, respond to a request for me to put a Tip Jar up on my blog. First of all, I am SO totally flattered, HOWEVER, at this time, one will not be appearing.

If you feel I have inspired you please pay it forward :) Do something nice for someone, send a RAK, respond to some posts asking for advice, help an elderly person cross the road (LOL)!

I enjoy this blog! I love getting responses and visits from you, and at this time, that is more than enough payment :)

Serenity NOW!

Today has been pretty hectic. I finally figured out which LSAT (sorta the SATs for Law School) prep class I am going to take (Test Masters, anyone?). I have also been studying and getting ready for Dance Marathon. Dance Marathon is an HUGE event up here which raises hundreds of THOUSANDS of dollars for Childrens Miracle Network. This year I will be participating by DANCING (basically standing and doing line dances) for 26.2 hours!!!! I am totally excited and it is such a great cause.

So, back to crafting. This is another card I did with my limited supplies. It uses Making Memories 5th Avenue paper and stickers. I used the MFT Serenity Now! stamp set (I love it!!). I colored it with COPICs (LMC): YG94, B10, G99 and E00. It is such a simple card, but I think it makes a lovely note card or good luck card!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making a Card

I have decided to put up a video of me making a card. I really enjoy watching other people's process, so I hope you will enjoy mine. Not only is this a video of my process, but this is a video of my process with VERY limited products. As most of you know, I don't have my supplies with the me at school. I just don't have enough space and it can be distracting. However, after re-writing my paper, I decided to treat myself and bought some quick supplies from Target.

I also keep pre-stamped images with me (to color-it's relaxing). This particular video uses cakeabella! I love her! I listed the copic colors on the clip as I go :)I LOVE MY COPICS!!!!! I also used the Making Memories pack, 5th Avenue, which includes stickers, paper and punch outs. You will being seeing a lot of cards in the coming days that I made with this pack. The song is from Adam Hood, it's called Tuesday Night.

Today was a really good day (ANY day would be a really good day compared to yesterday!) I got my African Politics test back and I got a 94! I was so excited because I put SO many hours into studying. Tonight I have lots of stuff to do for my sorority so I am going to have to go, but enjoy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

RAKs, Computer Glitches and Blog Candy Won!

I wasn't able to fix my computer and retrieve my paper, but I was able to rewrite it! So I guess I am at peace with it. On a better note, today I received some great things! This community has the ability to make even the worst of days a little bit better! Also, make sure to bookmark this site and check back tomorrow for a NEW copic VIDEO tutorial :)

This is a gorgeous card from Debi Wind of Just Me and My Rubberstamps. Thanks so much Debi!!!

I also received this award from Meredith of Merry Musings for inspiring her!

The fun didn't end there though, I won Blog Candy from my stamping sister Heather from Ink On My Ear.

I hate computers.

Microsoft Word managed to re-encode 5 pages of my paper due tomorrow. So, I have to re-do much of what I did this weekend. UGH!

I'll update later when I'm less stressed.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's the little things that make life BIG

Although I don't personally celebrate it, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Easter!

I got 5 pages of my paper written yesterday and hopefully I can be just as productive today! I also spent a good amount of my time reading through "The Princeton Review's 170 best Law Schools". I can't believe college is almost over, but I think I am ready for this next step.

Today's card is from the series that I made for my grandparents. It is simple and elegant and I really like it! I used a marvy mega/giga punches for the circle and scallop and a SAB stamp set from last year. Easy! The ribbon is from May Arts.

Also, how true is that sentiment? It's always the small things that put a smile on my face, the text that say 'hope you did well on the test', the note in a package from my parents, getting someone who you can understand when you call customer service, a wave hello or just another smile!

for the enabler in me, Hobby Lobby is having 50% off their stamps and ink pads!!!! VERY exciting. I wish they were open on Sundays so I could scoot down there now, but alas no luck!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Papers to write, Stamps to play with and Tutorials to share!

Yesterday, I had a movie marathon with some of my friends. We watched and Across the Universe and Enchanted. It was a very musical night. If you haven't seen either, you really should X out my blog and run to your nearest Blockbuster. They are THAT good!

Today, should be busy as I need to start the actual writing of my Rodney King paper. It is such a multi-faceted and interesting subject that I can just tell it is going to take me hours to tackle. I've been reading a lot about how exactly it unfolded and it's so sad to read about what humanity can do.

But, on a MUCH lighter note...........

I'M GOING TO TWO CLASSES WITH TIM HOLTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep. He is coming to a LSS about an hour away from me in June and I just got the go ahead from my wonderful, darling, loving parents to take not one but TWO of his classes. I have taken his classes before at CKU and let me just tell you, I have learned more from those classes than I have learned in a VERY long time!!!!

So, I have been experimenting even more with my copics (LMC-Love my Copics). They are so versatile and there are so many different way to use your markers to blend colors and have fun. Today's video shows a couple of techniques that I have been playing with for color alteration.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Scary Alarm Clocks and other adventures...

Do you ever have one of those days when you are so tired and sleepy that the alarm clock actually scares you when it rings? I was seriously startled when it rung, despite the fact that I hear it each and every morning. Last night, I stayed up late at library again and then I decided to watch Lipstick Jungle when I got home. Bad Idea! The only good thing that happened out of my exhaustion was that I tried a new drink at Starbucks. A Skinny Vanilla Latte, it was yummy!!!

Also I got my test back (the Political Theory one I talked about) and I got an A! I really want to get straight As again, especially because this is my last semester before I apply to Law School! Crazy, right???

So in celebration, I am going to show you one of my favorite cards:

Isn’t it lovely??? It is uses a stamp from Jo-anns that they still carry but I got during their After-Thanksgiving Sale. I colored it in with Copics (have I mentioned my love of copics? I love LOVE love copics!!!!! LOL) and used some ribbon from Wal-Mart. I really do like the Offray ribbon from there. Call me cheap, but I never really feel the difference between Offray and high-end ribbon. Well, I’m off to Political Theory discussion, then African Politics, then the gym, then oodles more hours at the library. Who ever said college was a breeze?????

I also wanted to answer a few questions I've been recieving (keep them coming!).

"What are Twinkling H2Os? I can't find them on and I am so interested in what they are. They sound like something I would like!!"

Twinkling H20's are basically water color cakes which sparkle. They are water based and so much fun to use. They are also acid free! When I recieve my new packs (24 colors! Yum!) I will put some tutorials up! Unfortuantly, Frugalities sold out of them! But, they can be found here. Although without the discount :(

"I have a few markers that work well like this also~ love that!!! I am not yet good at blending!!
Maybe you have some suggestions on best paper/inks??? "

I highly suggest Adirondack Ink and Georgia Pacific Paper. If you look at my older posts you will see entire posts about them :)

I also wanted to encourage you to sign up for my blog from google reader as I just added a button under my picture which will instantly add it!


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Favorite!

Since I started Scrapping about 7-8 years ago I have gone through 8 different types of adhesive, 5 different class/crop bringer bags and oodles more! This is not because I am a hoarder, nor do I like to sit and look at a grave yard of old purchases. It's because, alas, I have made some awful purchases. I hope that by letting you know some of my tried and true favs you will save money. I also wanted to let you all know that I am in no way related to any of the companies I ever link to, I am not trying to make you spend money. Rather, I want you to have the very best!!!

So, today I want to share with you my favorite pair of scissors.........

The Queen Bee Scissors By EK Success

These scissors are quite scrumptious! I love their ability to make long, quick and straight cuts. Their handle is also super comfy. I tend to use them the most when I am cutting out a stamped image and it is a little crooked and my fiskers trimmer won't do. My only qualm with them is that they are not non-stick. So be careful!!!

Love um!!!

Ok, so back to my reality. I didn't leave the library until 12:30 last night. I have a paper due for African-American Politics on Tuesday, it is supposed to be 8-12 pages. Well, I have been having the hardest time picking out a topic (it can basically be anything related to AA Politics). After many searches and tribulations, I decided on The Rodney King Tragedy. So I'm off to write about that horrid affair.

Talk to you Soon!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SuperBella to the Rescue!

If only SuperBella could help me study for my African American Politics test today! Her powers, however, seem to lie in her ability to be simply ADORABLE! This image is so wonderful and StampingBella has the cutest sentiments to go along with her, including 'Have a Super Birthday'! I used this image, the coloring varies slightly, in an earlier post which you can see here!

Today's VIDEO TUTORIAL (!!!) showcases the One Marker, Two Layers technique. 'What is the One Marker, Two Layers Technique???' You may ask! Well, as a college student, I throughly believe in getting the most of your markers.

After playing with certain copic markers, I have found that a second layer of the same color will produce it's shadow (amazing, I know lol). While it is commonplace to think that you must get three tones of the same color (i.e. R25, R27, R29) to produce a wonderfully colored image, I hope that this technique will help save you some money.

Now you may notice that I said that this only works with certain copic colors and that is true, some colors seem to evade this technique (for reasons maybe someone else knows???). My best advice to you is to test this technique at your LSS or art store before you buy a color.

Well, today should be busy as I have my usual 9 hours of class on tuesdays. I also hope to a Spinning class tonight! Spinning is one of my favorite gym classes, it is basically an amped up stationary bike, but you pedal hard and do all sorts of 'moves' and you can even burn up to 1000 calories in an hour (my hear rate monitor usually tells me that I've burned between 500-750)!

ETA: I just took my test and I feel really good about it! So partly in honor of that I went over to and placed a little order. I am constantly debating placing an order there and with 49% off till March 24th and the ability to order 12 packs of Twinkling H20s for only 18 dollars, I decided to jump the fence! Just wanted to pass on the fabulous deal :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Today’s trip took 10 hours, rather than 6 hours. But, don’t feel too bad for me because the delay was due to me and my friend’s stop at the Orlando Outlets!! YUMMM. We were on our way to Gainesville and we were both in need of a restroom and some food when we drove past the Prime International Outlets. Well, we didn’t have to be home till later so we decided to stop! I bought a cute exercise top (I’ve been going to the gym daily for about two months) and she bought some earrings.

When I finally got home around 7, I unpacked and went for a quick bite then back home for a study group. And you all say I have it easy???? This week should be busy as I have a test on Tuesday and a paper due the following Tuesday!

Now for the fun stuff! This simple card is great for sympathy and get well cards. I love how Blush Blossom shines in it’s pleasantry. This set is also so versitle and gorgeous. I stamped off to create to color balance and also used watercolors to lighten the dark and bright outlines. Me Likey J


My Thoughts Are With You

Stamps: Oh So Lovely {SU!}, My Thoughts Are With You {Stampabilities}
Paper: White {Georgia Pacific}, Blush Blossom {SU!}
Ink: Eggplant Envy, Brillant Blue, Lavender Lace, Apricot Appeal, Green Galore {SU!} [Stamped off and watercolored]
Technique: Watercoloring
Ribbon: Wal-Mart

See you in 6 weeks, Miami!

Well, I am about to start the 6 hour drive back to school! Miami was so great, I got to see all my friends and family! I'll post a card later, but for now I wanted to leave you with this picture of my puppy Sushi! Isn't he darling???

Talk to you in a few hours!!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Wishes

You gotta love grandparents! My Grandma (I call her Bubbie) and I spent the day together. We went shopping and I got some bronzer from Prescriptives and 1 1/2 outfits from Nike for the gym. We also ate the food court to have lunch. I was exhausted but she wanted to keep going! Wow!

This is another card from the set for my other set of grandparents. I love the simplicity of this card. I'm sure you can tell from all the cards I've posted but they all have the same ribbon and colors. This card is really easy to make, all you need is your ink! This is another card utilizing the squashing ink technique (the video tutorial can be found under the tab to the left). I also love using my word window punch by SU! for the sentiment. The sentiment is actually stuck to the inside of the card, but I also punched the window so you can see through to it!

I am having such a ball selling my cards! I'm up to almost 100$ worth and I really need to refill my basket. I am selling them 3 for $10 or $4 each. I have found that everyone buys them by the threes :)

Well, as usual, Enjoy the card!


Happy Birthday Wishes
Stamps: Fun and Fast Notes {SU!}
Ink: Summer Sun {SU!}, Old Olive {SU!}, Real Red {SU!}, Taken with Teal {SU!}
Ribbon: Organdy Gold {May Arts}
Paper: Random Bazzil
Punch: Giga Punch Circle {Marvy}, Window Word {SU!}

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Friends are Flexible

Wow! Do you love this card or what?!? Sometimes I find that my cards come together in 5 minutes and I love them, while other times it takes me 3 hours and some coffee before I can come to terms with the way my card looks. Luckily, this one falls into the earlier category. This card seemed to magically come together.

The paper was the main inspiration as it seemed to funky and fresh. I actually think I got it on sale at Scrapbook Central in Ft.Lauderdale a couple of years ago. The stamp set from MFT was just SO perfect!!!!

I can't believe my spring break is almost over!! I even have to go to a study group today :(!
Well, I'm off to stamp!


The Best Friends are Flexible
Stamps: Serenity Now! {MFT Stamps}
Ink: Pitch Black {Adirondack}, Purely Pomegranate {SU!}, Old Olive {SU!}
Ribbon: Light Purple {Offray}
Paper: Georgia Pacific, Purely Pomegranate {SU!}

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Do you know that Hannah Montana song 'You Get The Best Of Both Worlds' ??? Of course you do! Well, based on the poll I decided to do today's tutorial from two angles. Today's post includes a mini-tutorial on measuring with the SU Word Window plus a Copic Video Tutorial. I think the video format is much better for explaining copic use, but simpler techniques are easier to digest by picture format :)

I used the same card for both tutorials. It is also, actually, a submission for the GinaK release sketch challenge. I love this SEI paper! The colors are so retro and fun. The Horse Stamp is from My Favorite Things Stamps, I LOVE this company!!!! The designs are so simple and fun to color, the simple line drawings and playful sentiments are great. How fun is this Punny Farm Set ?!?

So, now my mini-tutorial! The SU Window Word punch is my absolute favorite punch. Many companies produce stamps to fit it, including MFT. In order to make sure that I make the box long enough, I measure the stamp set this way. It really helps me visualize how much room I want on each side and also if I have to make it any longer.

And, of course as promised, today's Copic Video Tutorial!

Sorry You're Feeling Horse

Stamps: Punny Farm {MFT}
Ink: Pitch Black {Adirondack}
Paper: SEI, Certainly Celery {SU!}, Basic Black {SU!}, Real Red {SU!}
Ribbon: Green {Offray, Wal-Mart}
Other: Corner Rounder {EK Success}

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you

I've been getting such great feedback on the last card from the set that I gave to my grandparents that I decided to post another! It really was a fun challenge to make SO many cards from the same supplies.

Today I decided two things: to start selling my cards and to begin applying to Design Teams. I have grappled with both for so long and I finally decided to take the plunge. I sold 60$ worth of cards today alone, so I need to replenish, but I am just so excited that everyone loves the cards!

About the design team thing, I haven't decided where to start, but I am definitely excited to begin this new journey :)

Well, I'm off to watch In Treatment , I'm onto week 3!!!!!


Thank you

All about Gratitude Wheel {SU}
Ink: Old Olive {SU}
Ribbon: May Arts
Paper: American Crafts and Bazzil
Other: Heart {Quickutz}, 1 3/8 Punch {Ek Success}

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Heart is With You

What is your ‘go to move’ when you are stamping and your card is not coming out the way you want it to? I posed this question on SCS, but I thought I would ask you all too? Personelly, I pop dot! When in doubt, I feel that the extra depth that the lift from the dot creates really helps make my card more beautiful! What do you do????

Today’s card was inspired by Kwerner’s Blog. Have you been there? It is quite SPLENDIFOROUS! I loved the idea of the three window holes and thought of this old set immediately! I love this heart and think it is well suited for this ‘see-a-little-bit-of-the-design-through-each-peep-hole’ technique.

This card is actually a part of a set of 8 for my grandparents. Each card has a totally different personality but uses the same basic colors. Although the paper is from Bazzil and American Crafts it closely meets River Rock, Real Red, Old Olive and Taken with Teal. That is one thing I LOVE about the SU! Colors, there are so many that you can almost always find a match!

As always,


My Heart is With You

Stamps: Little Layers, Plus {SU}. So Many Scallops {SU}, Small Sayings {SU}

Ink: Real Red {SU}, Taken With Teal {SU}, Chocolate Chip {SU}, Versamark {Tsukineko}

Paper: Bazzil, Georgia Pacific

Ribbon: May Arts

Other: Scallop Punch {SU}, 1 1/8 Punch {EK Success}

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Stamping with the Sistah!

Today has been a GREAT day so far! I managed to convince my little sister (she’s not so little at 16!) to stamp with me. She was actually the one who got me into Scrapbooking to begin with because she had her birthday at our LSS when she was 9! However, as the years passed her love of Scrapbooking faded and mine flourished. However she is a totally into Yearbook (she has been one of the editors since sophomore year!) and the skills seem to have transferred.

I was amazed when I looked over, after a brief explanation of stamping, to see a gorgeous and professional looking card! I asked her if I could post it for you and she hesitantly said YES! Mine is the one on the left (Ingredients below) and hers is on the right! I am so totally impressed! What do you think???

A Girl Should be Two Things

Stamps: Stamping Bella

Paper: Garden Green from SU!, random Bazzill CS from the stash, Shimmering White from LSS

Ink: Garden Green (SU!), Adirondack Pitch Black

Technique: Copic Coloring

Believe in Your Dreams

Stamps: Rubbernecker Co.

Paper: Bravo Burgundy from SU!, random Bazzil from the stash that looks like Blush Blossom, random yellow Bazzil from the stash

Ink: Blush Blossom, Bravo Burgundy

Friday, March 7, 2008


Happy Fridayyyy!! Today was a day full of errands, I went to get pictures developed, to lunch with my dad (yum for Chipotle!), to Utrecht to get FIVE more COPICS, to Pearls for a 1-3/8 punch and a refill for my ATG! Ok, so they were fun errands, but nevertheless, I am tired!!! Tonight, I hope to watch some re-runs of ‘In Treatment’ on HBO! I love this show! For those of you who have not seen this show it is 5 days a week and showcases a different patient each day. It has been going on for a couple of weeks and I am only on week one! Do you watch it??

Ok, so back to my card, I have been on this water coloring with SU ink pads kick (you can see my tutorial below). It’s such a tried and true, fun and easy technique! Simple and Fun! I love it!I love this little 4x4 card! I did it for a Color Combination Challenge on SCS. The colors were Certainly Celery, Taken with Teal and Real Red. I had a real hard time deciding the amounts of each color to put on the card. I think ANY color combo can look fantastic with depending on the quantity of each color. Even yellow, turquoise and puke green can look YUMMY! I promise, I will even prove it to you in a couple weeks!

Today I learned how to upload cards to SCS! It was very easy peasyy!!! I only have two cards, but I am going to work on uploading cards in the next couple of weeks. Also, I got tagged by one of my SCS sistahs! I will post my answers later :)

As always, Enjoy!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Bienvenido a Miami! and a Watercoloring Tutorial

Bienvenido a Miami! Today, I went to my favorite deli with my mom and my great-aunt and then I went home to play with my stamps. I have been making SO many cards in the past 24 hours, it even amazes me.

Last night, I tapped a Video Tutorial about water coloring with ink pads. It is a fun and easy technique and it really opens up the possibilities of what you can do with the ink pads (dye-based ONLY) that you already own.

I also threw together this simple card for my cousin’s 25th birthday (Happy Birthday Stephen!). It uses Bordering Blue and Real Red CS. I used the Viola set from SU! As well as a dollar stamp from Michaels. Furthermore, I used the SU! Window punch and also a giga circle punch from Marvy.

As always, Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Spring Break is here! I am home with my family and my stamps, what more could I ask for? Today’s card is watercolored with SU! ink pads. I think I am going to do a video tutorial on the watercoloring process later in the week. I used Certainly Celery, Bordering Blue, Real Rust, Old Olive, Close to Cocoa and Creamy Caramel. The card base is Bordering Blue and the DP is from KI memories. The ribbon is from Wal-mart (Offray) and it matches a lot better in real life. The stamp sets are from Wordsworth and SU! Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Copic Video Tutorial #6

Today has been pretty good, I took my political theory test! I wrote seven and a half pages in 50 minutes, so my right hand is still in recovery, but I think I did well. Tonight I am going to my monthly stamp club, I can't wait to play! Also, the poll on the sidebar seems to be doing well. I would again like to encourage you to vote as it will definitely influence my tutorial format.

I believe today’s tutorial will be a hit! It is my personal technique for shading faces with copic markers. I tend add more layers where the sun shines, utilizing the same theory as bronzer. I hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday...

…wish it were Sunday! Today is a busy day for me, I have spent the last hour or so doing a paper on Barack Obama’s book Audacity of Hope. It really is a wonderfully articulated novel, even if I don’t support him on every issue. My computer hasn’t been working that well either but thanks to the extended warrantee someone from dell should be showing up before 12, or at least I hope.

I don’t have class today which is great, but as I mentioned I have that paper to finish and a test on Locke and Machiavelli tomorrow. I think you can apply Machiavellian thought to cards, does the end justify the means? Do the 3 hours you spent embossing, coloring, brayering, eyeleting (apparently a word on Microsoft Word !?!), and generally racking your brain justify the gorgeousness of the card?

Or would you rather a simple card which took 10 minutes to color and just as much to finish? Today’s card falls into the latter’s category. This easy and fun card is part of my bin of note cards, which are basically simple cards which you can use for anything. This girl was colored with Copics (No surprise there!), backed with a pieces of something from and old Magic Scraps kit (Remember those??) and placed on a piece of SU! Green Galore. I really like it!

Also, I've been getting a lot of questions about how I manage my time. Well, I am taking 15 credits which is a full load, but I only have class Tuesdays and Thursdays by some wonderful schedule tweaking. Therefore Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are my catch up days. I intern with the county on conservation projects by doing graphic design, I volunteer at a local school, I hold a couple of sorority positions and on campus ones too. However, I seem to still have some time left over, even after school work (last semester I made straight As), to focus on crafting and relaxing. I think it helps me get through some pretty intense days.

On Another note, the survey on the sidebar seems to be pretty equivocal but there is still sometime for one answer to pull ahead (I sound like CNN), so vote (please)!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Copic Video Tutorial #5 Cat in Breeze

I’m still experimenting with the best way to make a tutorial. Today’s Video Tutorial does not have me explaining step by step in the form of audio. Instead, I put a great song by Carbon Leaf (Life Less Ordinary) and made subtitles with the colors I used and some tips. I am not sure if I like this method best, but it was worth a try. I am adding it to the poll on the side bar, so that you can let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy!

Also, I saw this hilarious Scrappin' Rap on Youtube...I just had to share it with you lol!