Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SuperBella to the Rescue!

If only SuperBella could help me study for my African American Politics test today! Her powers, however, seem to lie in her ability to be simply ADORABLE! This image is so wonderful and StampingBella has the cutest sentiments to go along with her, including 'Have a Super Birthday'! I used this image, the coloring varies slightly, in an earlier post which you can see here!

Today's VIDEO TUTORIAL (!!!) showcases the One Marker, Two Layers technique. 'What is the One Marker, Two Layers Technique???' You may ask! Well, as a college student, I throughly believe in getting the most of your markers.

After playing with certain copic markers, I have found that a second layer of the same color will produce it's shadow (amazing, I know lol). While it is commonplace to think that you must get three tones of the same color (i.e. R25, R27, R29) to produce a wonderfully colored image, I hope that this technique will help save you some money.

Now you may notice that I said that this only works with certain copic colors and that is true, some colors seem to evade this technique (for reasons maybe someone else knows???). My best advice to you is to test this technique at your LSS or art store before you buy a color.

Well, today should be busy as I have my usual 9 hours of class on tuesdays. I also hope to a Spinning class tonight! Spinning is one of my favorite gym classes, it is basically an amped up stationary bike, but you pedal hard and do all sorts of 'moves' and you can even burn up to 1000 calories in an hour (my hear rate monitor usually tells me that I've burned between 500-750)!

ETA: I just took my test and I feel really good about it! So partly in honor of that I went over to Frugalities.com and placed a little order. I am constantly debating placing an order there and with 49% off till March 24th and the ability to order 12 packs of Twinkling H20s for only 18 dollars, I decided to jump the fence! Just wanted to pass on the fabulous deal :)


Kari said...

I am loving all of your copic tutorials!!! I just wish I had some!!!! Hopefully I will get some soon!!! Your cards have been soo cute too! Thanks for inspiring!

Gia Harvey said...

She's Super!

Jeanne S said...

My favorite Bella!!! Nice tutorial!

Laura said...

Hi Elyssa,

I'm just guessing, but I would think that this technique works better with the darker colors because they don't have as much alcohol as the lighter colors. The lighter colors (or lighter shades of a color) continue to blend out instead of layering.
I just recently discovered your blog, and I love it so I am tagging you. Details are on my blog at www.inkerbelsinklings.blogspot.com.

Oh and thanks for the twinkling h2o's tip. I haven't used mine in a while- I will have to pull them out and see what I need!

Becky said...

Hi...great tutorial and i hope you do good on your test!!
Good luck...

huntla1 said...

Elyssa, thank you for your blog and your tutorials. I don't know how you do it all! School, studying, stamping and scrapping, and life. You are amazing! Superbella is super cute. I think she might have to be part of my next bella extravaganza!

AJ said...

I have a few markers that work well like this also~ love that!!! I am not yet good at blending!!
Maybe you have some suggestions on best paper/inks???

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, i am getting some copic's today and can't wait to try them out.