Friday, February 29, 2008

ScrapStamper Video Tutorial Episode 2

I have a lot to do this weekend, I have a test on Tuesday, a paper due Tuesday and another final report due Tuesday. However, it’s Friday so my motivation levels aren’t so high for those tasks. Also I’m sore from the gym yesterday (insert angel halo here lol).

So I decided to do another Video Tutorial! Do you all like these better or worse than regular picture tutorials? Next week I’m hoping to play with my sister’s macbook to learn how to subtitle and edit them, I tried in Window’s Movie Maker but I can’t seem to figure out how to save them as AVI files (a YouTube compatible file). I tried Auto Focus today and my camera still is going a little bit crazy, any tips??? This blog thing really is a learning process, but so far I’m having a ball!

Ok so back to this tutorial! I love House Mouse stamps, especially when it comes to Copic makers. Their detail makes it really easy to color them, which is why I have chosen them for this segment 

Also...get ready for a late tye-dye Friday post with a VIDEO! tutorial on how to tye-dye and glitter a very cute flower for a thank you note :)


Veronica said...

I enjoy coming to your blog! You are so busy! I hope you have fun with your sister this weekend. My sisters live over 1000 miles away from me and I miss them so much.

Linda Elbourne said...

Great blog and great tutorial


Jo said...

Hi there! Just popping over to say hello from your one of your SBS-13 sisters :) Great blog!

Nardi said...

Great tutorial and I love that stamped image!!

She said...

Great tutorial. Love HouseMouse stamps :-) xx


Karen said...

I will catch up on looking at your tutorials soon (sitting next to hubby with the laptop while he's watching tv at moment) but just wanted to say 'hi' and 'wow' at how you're managing to juggle your time.
Karen (SBS-13)

Antonia U.C. said...

This stamp is just adorable and you make it even more so!