Friday, May 2, 2008

Organization, Coughing, QVC and Birthdays

Somewhere between finals, moving out and stamping I've developed a cold. It's one of those never-ending sniffly coughing colds that makes you want to lay down and watch scrapbook stuff being sold on QVC. Truth be told I'd probably want to watch scrapbook stuff on QVC regardless of my cold, but now I totally have an excuse! I am lusting over that imagenise set, I must resist!

I have also spent the morning getting ready for tomorrow's national scrapbook day crop. I have a very specific system whereby I organize my pages. I have a TON of stuff, which makes it hard to become mobile.

Thus I utilize my Crop In Style PSB. Each page's pictures and embellishment are organized in 'chunky style' refills with the full page inserts behind it. Anything that is too large for the chunky refills are placed with matching paper in the 12x12 inserts. Ink pads, stamps and anything 3-d are stored in plastic iris containers. I then place a post it note on the chunky refill that says which iris container has it's matching ink pads...etc.

I know it sounds complicated, but when you have been scrapping for 8 years it is the only plausible way to ensure that you have everything you want at the crop without bring tons of bags. I am hoping to only have to bring my Crop In Style XXL and of course my AMM tote-ally tote. Which is packing light, believe me!

So to this simple card...

The sentiment block is actually from Junitz patterned paper. I always send handmade cards, but sometimes I know the recipient just doesn't get my hobby. That's totally OK with me, it just means I'm not going to send them my most ornate, worked over card. Simple cards like this are perfect for this type of person. All I did was stamp my 'Hot to Dot' wheel from SU on an angle in Sage Shadow on matching CS, layer this block and tie a bow. It took literally 5 minutes! It is still handmade and gorgeous!



Gia Harvey said...

Very pretty - like the colours of the ribbons.

Linda Elbourne said...

Very pretty - Hope your cold gets better soon X

Angie C said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Ely. That ribbon is sooo pretty and a great card

Maureen said...

Very pretty!! That ribbon is the perfect addition!