Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sorry it took me so long to post, but alas, that is how life is. Some exciting things are happening: I am deciding between Emory Law and George Washington Law for next year. I am going to be teaching classes at a LSS this summer and working at Nordstroms. Busy, Busy!

The trip was AMAZING! I am trying to pick out a few pictures to post in the coming days. Today's project was made for my Mom for Mother's Day. It was super easy! I took an old wood SU! block that was collecting dust and painted it with White Acrylic Paint. I poured Diamond Glaze into the crease and held the letters into it in order to keep them upright (they're American Crafts stickers). Lastly, I tied a bow (American Crafts) around the edge of the block and TA DA! Simple and easy!

Happy Stamping,


Anonymous said...

Love your Mom's Day gift. Love the idea of what you created. It came out awesome!!!

Good luck on the choice of law schools! If I knew a thing about them I would let you know. I knwo you will choose the right school and will do a phenomenal job while you are there!

Maegan said...

Smart repurpose!!

Julia said...

Cute!!! Glad you are back!

Chel said...

I went to Emory for both undergrad and graduate and loved it. Good luck, and beautiful work!