Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Green/Clear LPS Challenge

The environment is an important topic for me and in this election year I find it is being brought up quite a bit. I think it is important to try to consciously make a difference in your daily routine to be more 'green'. From using recyclable bags at the grocery store to driving less, there are truly a plethora of ways to try to be more eco-friendly.

As many of you know, the Little Paper Store set 'Peace' was in part inspired by yours truly. So when Julia challenged us to make something with the something 'clear' I thought about this bottle. Now I know she probably had in mind stamping on acetate, but I decided to make this challenge about my Nalgene.

For those of you who don't know, Nalgenes are reusable travel bottles which are BPA-free. They are light-weight and easy to grab and go with. They come in a ton of colors and shapes, but most importantly they enable you to consume less plastic. Rather than grabbing a water bottle to go, I simply fill her up at the faucet.

I made a cute little tag to adorn my nalgene with a CLEAR (just in case you thought my use of a bottle for the theme was too much of a stretch LOL) tag. I stamped the tree from 'Peace' in chocolate chip/garden green, then I stamped the peace sign in soft sky and finished it off with the sentiment 'Go Green'.

Happy Stamping!!!


Laura (scrapnextras) said...

Wonderful idea! It works perfectly with the clear theme!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my, how great it is! I mean, rarely do I find enough creative inspiration to use my stash in anything but what it is meant for, this is another image that tooootally inspires me. Also, I am a very green person, and I love it when I find people that are so too!